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Laser patterning using a pulse laser source is a unique technique that can modify the surface morphology with very limited distortion of the bulk material. Moreover, it is a noncontact method, and complex patterns can be created. In this paper, we summarized several typical approaches, theories and relevant applications of laser fabricated

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Mechanics (SIOM), which remains the leading Chinese laser research and development organization. In 1970 China established the Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (AIOM), perhaps its second most important laser research organization. Of these early years, Deng Xiaoping was said in 1989 to recall attending a March 1964 meeting Laser-induced fluorescence:Progress and prospective for Initially, Lannuzzi [12] made a research on the polarization of laser-induced fluorescence in anthracene in 1965. Since then, LIF began to be applied in measuring the spectroscopy of diversiform elements, compounds, and metallic oxldes. In 1970, Johnson et al. [13] used a pulsed nitrongen laser to induce resonance fluorescence in BaO, MgO, and PbO.

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the Surface Navy Laser Weapon System (SNLWS) Increment 1, also known as the high-energy laser with integrated optical dazzler and surveillance (HELIOS); and the High Energy Laser Counter-ASCM Program (HELCAP). The first three SSL efforts listed above are included in what the Navy calls the Navy Laser Family of Systems (NFLoS). PHOTONICS APPLIED:BIOPHOTONICS:Breath analysis 4/19/13 PHOTONICS APPLIED:BIOPHOTONICS:Breath analysis research approaches clinical practicality - Laser Focus World laser-based spectroscopy in the mid-infrared (mid-IR) "fingerprint" region. Another optical approach to breath analysis that has seen recent progress is the colorimetric sensor array. These


yield and so on. Finally, future prospects of laser fusion research at ILE, Osaka University are also discussed. 1. INTRODUCTION Since we demonstrated high density compression by laser implosion, the key research issues are how to keep the implosion stability and to generate a hot spark in high density plasmas. In order to Progress in Fast Ignitor Research with the Nova Petawatt PROGRESS IN FAST IGNITOR RESEARCH WITH THE NOVA PETAWATT LASER FACILITY* M H Key, T E Cowan, B A Hammel, S P Hatchett, E A Henry, J D Kilkenny, J A Koch, A B Langdon, B F Lasinski, R W Lee, J D Moody, M J Moran, A.A Offenberger** D M Pennington, M D Perry, T J Phillips:T C Sangster, M S Singh,

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steady progress being made in understanding laser abla- it is necessary to research favorable experimental parameters and treatment methods for LIBS detection, and to have a clear understanding of plasma - evo lution characteristics under a variety of conditions. 2.2.1. Influence of laser parameters. Progress of medical lasers:Fundamentals and ApplicationsThe commercial laser for hair removal (using a diode laser at 810 nm) and hair growth device (using a red, 635 - 690 nm LED or laser) [5,6]. Figure 6. (Left) a UV (308 nm) light for the treatment of psoriasis; (Right) a pen-type blue laser (at 405 nm) for the treatment of acne (made by New Vision Inc.) [25].


PDF (PC) 2180 Abstract Abstract:Progress of research and applications on laser surface modifications (laser surface alloying, laser cladding) of advanced aeronautical metallic materials and laser rapid forming of high performance metallic components currently undertaken in the Laboratory of Laser Materials Processing and Surface Engineering is Recent research progress of laser plasma interactions in Jul 29, 2019 · We report experimental research on laser plasma interaction (LPI) conducted in Shenguang laser facilities during the past ten years. The research generally consists of three phases:(1) developing platforms for LPI research in mm-scale plasma with limited drive energy, where both gasbag and gas-filled hohlraum targets are tested; (2) studying the effects of beam-smoothing techniques,

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Laser cladding, as a newly developed rapid solidification technique, is to cover a particular part of the substrate with another material that has superior properties, producing a metallurgical bond between the two materials with minimal dilution of the clad layer by the substrate. In this paper, the research progress in laser clad nickel based alloys is reviewed. Research Progress in Laser Solid Forming of High Sep 19, 2014 · In the present article, the mechanical properties and microstructure characteristics of LSF metallic parts are reviewed, and the main progress on the research and application of LSF in the State Key Laboratory of Solidification Processing of Northwestern Polytechnical University of

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Apr 21, 2021 · Laser cladding, High entropy alloy, Coating, Research status . Abstract:High entropy alloy is a new type of alloy with good comprehensive properties. This paper reviews the common preparation methods of high entropy alloy coating, and the research status of high entropy alloy coating prepared by laser cladding in terms of Research Progress of High Power Continuous-wave Tm version eciency can be up to 200%. The laser generated by TDFLs at the wavelengths from 1.7 µm to 2.1 µm has wide applications in many elds. The absorption spectrum and level structure of Tm3+, the advantages and disadvantages of three dierent pumping methods and the research progress of high

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Research Progress of LD Pumped Yb:YAG Solid-State Laser . Qun Liu . Department of Physics, Harbin University, Harbin, Heilongjiang, 150080 . Keywords:LD Pumped Yb, YAG, Solid State Laser . Abstract:With the development and maturity of semiconductor technology, laser diodes have Research Progress of Laser Assisted Liquid Compound Laser combined machining is a complex machining method which utilizes the combined effect of various forms of energy to achieve a material processing. High manufacturing quality and surface accuracy, and machining efficiency can be achieved. The research progress in the area of laser combined other machine processes is reviewed. Several methods of laser combined machining are introduced and

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The article summarily introduces the research progress of the laser and low-pressure medium jet composite processing. It simply introduces the investment of the workbench of the composite experiment, the etching experimental study of the ceramic and the high-speed steel, the experimental study of the composite cutting of the ceramic, and also introduces the influence of the water jet flow to Research progress on mid-IR nonlinear optical crystals Jan 10, 2011 · Nonlinear optical (NLO) crystals have been playing an increasingly important role in laser science and technology. The NLO crystals used in the middle infrared (mid-IR) region, compared with the NLO crystals in the other wavelength regions, are still not good enough for the application of high-energy laser. The main defect is that their laser damage thresholds (LDT) are low.

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[8]. The laser Krypton has applications close to those of argon and is useful to restrict bleeding [9]. The CO 2 laser belongs to the gas lasers. It is the excitement of the gas that produces a laser beam. This radia-tion is located in the invisible range (infrared laser to 1060 nm). The effects of this type of laser Research Progress on Laser Inertial Connement Fusion Research Progress on Laser Inertial Connement Fusion at RCLF in China Yongjian TANG Research Center of Laser Fusion, China Academy of Engineering Physics, P. O. Box 919-981, Mianyang, 621900, China (Received 20 November 2008 /Accepted 25 March 2009) In past years, the Research Center of Laser Fusion (RCLF) at the China Academy of Engineering